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Track list

1.Nomada: Aven le Roma (CC) Nomada aiff, mp3
2.Aven le Roma! – Vidamix Aiff, Mp3
3.? - ? aiff, mp3
4.Aven le Roma! – Stereotype remix aiff, mp3
5.The Lowkickers – Marel remix aiff, mp3
6.The Gypsy caravan – Armger remix aiff, mp3
7.Aven le Roma Forever – fullmax remix aiff, mp3
8.Kovács Jenci Romamix aiff, mp3
9.Aven le Roma! – Minimal-Art remix aiff, mp3
10.Aven le Roma! – tshabee remix aiff, mp3
11.Aven le Roma! – Lori Light mix aiff, mp3
12.Amorelnova – Kerzo remix aiff, mp3
13.Aven le Roma! – reCord remix aiff, mp3
14.Aven le Roma! – Blade remix aiff, mp3

Authors, remixers, cooperators

1. Nomada: Balogh Gusztáv -vocals, guitar, Balogh Tibor - percussion, beat-box, Szirtes Edina "Mókus" - vocals, violin, accordion, Boros Attila – bass, Ballay Gergo – drums (www.nomada.hu)
2. Nixon & Vida (Tilos)
3. Anonymous
4. Krischan Schallenberger (krischall(at)yahoo.de)
5. Dj Blockhead & Laureth (laureth(at)freemail.hu)
6. Armiger (armiger(at)freemail.hu)
7. fullmax (fullmax(at)citromail.hu)
8. Kovács Jenci, a.k.a. Eugene Kovax (www.eugenekovax.com)
9. Minimal-Art (marci(at)order.hu)
10. tshabee (tshabee(at)vipmail.hu)
11. Szabó Lóránt (szabolori(at)gportal.hu)
12. Kertész Zoltán [KerZo] (kerzo(at)vipmail.hu)
13. Gál Attila scratch and jew's harping by Kwikka (cord.hu(at)gmail.com)
14. Findt Gergo

Mastered by: Farkas Csongor (Fader Studio), Chucky (chucky(at)subculture.hu), Design: BMgraphix (bodoo.dj), Produced by: Balázs Bodó (Creative Commons Hungary), Maxim Bakos (Tilos)

Thanks to

  • the Jury(Miczura Mónika, Szakcsi-Lakatos Béla, dj Palotai, Balogh Guszti),
  • Nomada,
  • the Tilos Radio crew (www.tilos.hu),
  • the Creative Commons Hungary crew(www.creativecommons.hu),
  • The National Cultural Fund,
  • Agnes Tusjak,
  • BUTE Center for Media Research and Education (mokk.bme.hu)
  • everyone who submitted a remix.


If You like the music, write to the authors!
If You like Nomada, contact them at www.nomada.hu
If You have questions, remarks about the project, the compilation or the CC licences, write to us at bodo(at)mokk(dot)bme(dot)hu!


The five-membered Nomada ('Nomads') was founded by Roma singer-guitarist Balogh Gusztáv in 2003. The music of Nomada is derived from Hungarian Gypsy tradition, yet it creates an utterly unique sound by blending various styles. The water can, the oral base, and the rhythm guitar provides the estam (the kontras of the songs), but this characteristic Gypsy singing and rhythmatic pattern is further enriched and embellished by the grooves of the drums and the bass guitar. Nomada melds Gypsy folklore with Spanish, Arabic, and Serbian folk music elements.


Nomada is first amongst Hungarian musicians to release a song under Creative Commons Attribution – Non-commercial– Share Alike licence.

(Yeah, this song that you can hear now. Or if you don't hear it, you can start it now. Nice quick piece, isn't it.)

All song tracks are accessible and free to use in this contest, so use them, fuse them, diffuse them, as is also the case with the roots of Nomada's music.

Be famous!

In 2004 many bands, including the Beastie Boys, David Byrne, and Zap Mama, also released songs under CC licence on the Wired CD.The remix contest was such a hit that we are now trying to repeat this success in Hungary as well. And the jury! A bunch of musicians with international acclaim: DJ Vadim, Szakcsi Lakatos Béla, Mitsou and Dj Palotai!

Use it! Fuse it! Diffuse it!

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